Lev Goronshteyn, CTO at CarePoint Health, leads a technology team that manages hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) and multiple file and database systems across CarePoint’s three hospital locations. One of Goronshteyn’s first mandates was to unify the three hospitals’ IT environments into one dynamic IT organization. A core component of CarePoint’s integration strategy was to shift to a hybrid cloud to reduce complexity and optimize IT performance. “In bringing the environments together, we had an opportunity to modernize our systems and take advantage of the cloud,” Goronshteyn said. “By transitioning to a hybrid cloud we could unlock cost savings and efficiency gains that weren’t possible with our legacy systems.”

Goronshteyn and his team were facing a costly upcoming hardware refresh, and they needed a solution that would improve backup and recovery performance, reduce costs, and enable them to utilize the cloud. “We think hard about every technology investment in terms of how it will improve our operations and how it sets us up for the future. To get the results we wanted, we knew that we needed vendors that would work well with each other and within our existing environment,” Goronshteyn said. “We chose Microsoft Azure and Rubrik
because they are both built for hybrid cloud environments. Rubrik seamlessly integrates with Azure and other solutions, which allows us to easily manage our entire environment through one interface.”

In evaluating Rubrik, Goronshteyn was impressed by the savings that Rubrik provided. “When we looked at what it would cost us with the refresh, Rubrik was able to save us 50% compared to our previous vendor,” Goronshteyn said. “When you factor in that we didn’t need to pay for migration support or spend time managing the entire implementation process, the savings are even more significant. Rubrik made the entire process painless.”

• Reduced TCO by 50%
• 8x faster backup performance
• Eliminated tape and moved to Microsoft Azure

• Difficulty unifying three IT systems
• Costly refreshes for legacy hardware
• Poor RPO/RTOs from legacy backup solution

• Single pane of glass to manage hybrid cloud
• Azure to replace tape
• Rubrik APIs to integrate with 3rd party automation tools

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