Storage as a Service

Cloud powered storage infrastructure.

Easily store & Access Your Data
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Store, Secure, and Keep Your Data Accessible At All Times

Our Storage as a Service (STaaS) solution allows you to lease our cloud storage infrastructure to store your data. You and your team will be able to securely store and quickly access all of your workable files, enabling more efficient workflows.

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How Storage as a Service Works

Instantly increase your organization’s available storage and performance with long-term data storage and stability. Mitigate risks in disaster recovery and manage your assets more efficiently.

Save Files To Our Cloud Storage
Easily Manage and Edit Your Files
Unify Your Cloud and On-Site Assets
Securely Archive All Your Important Data

Benefits of Storage as a Service

  • Flat price per GB

  • High Availability

  • S3 Compatible

  • 40%-60% Total Cost of Ownership savings

  • No egress fees ever

  • Pay as you go

  • Simple to scale

  • Increased performance, compliance and security

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